About Involute Engineering Private Ltd

The angular velocity ratio between two gears of a gear set must remain constant throughout the mesh.The involute has some properties that make it extremely important to the gear industry. If two intermeshed gears have teeth with the profile-shape of involutes, they form an involute gear system. A profile that allows the gears to slide roll and slide in and out of mesh smoothly

The Involute gear profile is the most commonly used system for gearing today.

Company overview

Established in 2006, Involute Engineering offers lubrication system technology to the industrial and mining sectors.

Services offered are customised for each client and are designed based on rigorous industry background and experience in lubrication and lubricant application.


Greg Collins

With over 25 years experience in the lubrication business in technical sales, support and management roles with JSG Industrial Systems (Lincoln Lubrication Systems), Kluber Lubrication, Fuchs Lubritech, Halley and Mellowes, and Applied Chemicals (Molub-Alloy/ ICI Tribol Lubricants), Greg has provided Lubricant and system solutions to a wide and varied industrial and mining community.

If you explore the portfolios of any of these companies you see their international and local reputation and the high end products and service these companies provide.

It is this high quality, customer service and workmanship that Greg brings to Involute.

Greg deciding to use his extensive industry knowledge to build a unique company that offers customised solutions to its clients, Greg has successfully built the business using his passion and expertise of the engineering sector.