Involute offers a diverse ranged of automatic lubrication equipment for all application requirements. The team are able to design systems and solutions for specialist machines.

Involute has access to an extensive range of equipment to enable the team to upgrade, refurbish or replace existing lubrication systems.

These include:

  • Design and installation of new lubrication systems.
  • Open gear and specialist spray lubrication systems.
  • Drive chain, process chain and oven chain lubricatoion.
  • Single and Multi-point battery powered lubricator suitable for isolated equipment, conveyor drives, pumps, road transport equipment etc.
  • Upgrades to existing lubrication systems and equipment.
  • Refurbishment and repairs to existing lubrication systems and equipment.
  • Equipment and parts available from all major lubrication equipment manufacturers.
  • Workshop lubrication equipment supplied and installed.
  • Grease and oil pumping dispensing and recovery systems.
  • Mobile plant and equipment lubrication systems designed supplied and installed.

Involute Engineering is an authorised distributor of:

  • Lincoln Lubrication Systems and Equipment.
  • ETI Fire Suppression Equipment.
  • Gartec Material Dispensing Equipment (oil, grease, pumps and nozzles).
  • Trico Lubrication Equipment.
  • Fast-fill Oil Management Equipment.
  • Gleeson Reels.
  • Cobra Reels.
  • Kluber Lubricants.

Open Gearing Repairs and Inspection

Damage can occur from a number of different sources. These include; pitting and spalling from gear surface failure and fatigue, scuffing from lubrication system failure, ingress of mill feed or dust misalignment, component failure and other problems.

Whether you are faced with time and budget constraints, Involute will be able to provide a solution for you.

Effective repair of some damage may not always be possible; however, it can provide a short to medium term solution for gears with loss of effective contact between the pinion and girth gear.

Where hand grinding of the pinion or girth gear is required, Involute can offer a service by performing a ‘running-in’ repair using world-renowned repair products with approvals from major gear manufacturers.

With exceptional results, we have seen a significant increase in contact area between the pinion and girth gear resulting in an even distribution of the load across the tooth flanks.

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