SKF Range

Electric Gear Pumps KFU / KFUS

These pump units are designed to supply normal as well as especially large systems. Various versions are available:

KFUS – with integrated control unit IG490
KFU – with external control unit IG502-2-E
Units with 2.7- and 6-liter reservoirs are available to suit the system‘s lubricant needs and fit in with the vehicle‘s maintenance intervals. The reservoir is filled with lubricant via a filler socket. That keeps dirt out during the filling process. Appropriate lubricants are grease, including the biodegradable type, comprising NLGI grades 000 or 00. The lubricant supplied by the pump is distributed to the individual lube points independent of each other by way of 2-, 4- or 6-port piston distributors with metering rates of 0.1 to 0.4 cm³.
The gear pump is timed to run until even remote piston distributors are reliably supplied with lubricant. In the case of the KFUS group, the integrated control unit IG490 is available with adjustable interval time and without monitoring. In the case of the KFU group, the IG502-E control unit is installed separately. It controls and monitors the pump‘s running and also signals any malfunctions via an indicator light. The electronic control unit has a microprocessor that stores all the operating states even after the power has been switched off.

Pneumatic Piston Pump PEF-90

This piston pump works with the on-board compressed air system. It is especially suitable for vehicles carrying hazardous goods. The pump delivers a maximum of 48 cm³ of lubricant per stroke, enough for normally dimensioned centralized lubrication systems on trucks, buses, trailers and semitrailers. The pump is actuated via a solenoid valve. The 3-liter reservoir is filled via a filler socket. That keeps dirt out during the filling process.
A suitable lubricant is grease, including the biodegradable type, of NLGI grades 000 or 00. The special design of the lubricant reservoir ensures that the lubricant does not come into contact with the atmosphere. The level of lubricant is easy to check in the transparent reservoir.
The lubricant delivered by the pump is distributed to the individual lube points independent of each other by 2-, 4- or 6-port distributors at metered rates of 0.1 to 0.4 cm³. The IG502-2-E electronic control unit is used for the time-dependent control and monitoring of the installation. It is equipped
with a microprocessor that stores all the operating states, even after the power has been switched off. Any faults are displayed by an indicator light built into the dashboard.

Electric Compact Unit KFB / KFBS

The KFB/KFBS compact unit has been especially designed to meet the demands of the new generation of trucks that use only a limited number of lubrication points. The integrated function of this new pump provides a lower cost and faster installation for these new applications and also makes it ideal for lighter vehicles including small trucks and buses.
The pumps are available in various models:
KFBS – with integrated control unit in pump housing,
KFB – with external control unit.
The lubricant reservoir is a sealed unit with overfill preventer and ventilation. The lubricant level can be seen in the reservoir’s translucent material. Greases of NLGI grades 000 or 00, including biodegradable types, are suitable. The lubricant delivered by the pump is distributed to the individual lube points by VKSO series.

Electrically Driven Piston Pump KFG / KFGS

The pumps are available in various models:
KFGS – with integrated control unit in pump housing,
KFG – with external control unit.
All the components are designed to deliver grease up to NLGI grade 2, including biodegradable types. The feeder and tubing network is planned for trailer and semitrailer installations independent of the tractor truck and installed in the same way as for the tractor truck. The piston pump starts with every application of the brakes and is stopped under the control of the IG475 unit if the brakes are applied for longer than the defined pump running time. The KFGS and KFG piston pumps are equipped with a 2-, 6- or 10-liter reservoir.
The pumps can feed a maximum of approx. 100 lube points. They have as many as three outlet ports. For each outlet port, there are four pump elements for different fixed quantities. The electric drive makes this pump independent of an on-board compressed-air network. Connected to each pump element is a progressive feeder, possibly with a subfeeder, that splits up the supply of lubricant in a predefined ratio and then feeds it to the individual lube points. Metered quantity per cycle and outlet port: VPBM progressive feeder: 0.13 cm³, VPKM progressive feeder: 0.04 to 0.36 cm³. Number of maximum possible outlet ports per feeder: 20. The control unit is installed separately in systems operated with KFG pumps. The electronic IG502-2-E control unit starts the pump after an adjustable interval. The IG502-2-E controls and monitors the running of the pump and also signals any fault with an indicator light.

KFA / KFAS Mini-Pump Units

The pumps come in different versions:

KFAS – with integrated control unit in the pump housing,
KFA – with external control unit.
The KFA and KFAS pump units are equipped with a 1-liter reservoir and come with a maximum of 2 outlet ports for the connection of 2 independent lube circuits. A separate pump element is required for each outlet. Three pump elements with different delivery rates are available so that the volume of grease can be adjusted to the needs of the individual circuits. This makes sure that every lube point is supplied with an adequate amount of grease in each lubrication cycle.

SKF Range

Quicklube 203

Quicklube Systems have been designed to meet the severe requirements of on-road vehicles, agricultural, construction machinery and mining equipment lubrication. Their operation is based on the reliable progressive principle in which the grease is dispensed by a piston pump via progressive plunger metering devices to the lubrication point.

The lubrication occurs in metered, timed intervals at a maximum pressure of 350 bar. Thus the lubrication of bearings with high back-pressures is also guaranteed. The pump can serve up to three independent lubrication circuits consisting of numerous lubrication points with grease up to NLGI 2.

QLS 421

Accurate lubrication without the need for continuous power – that’s what over-the-road trailers need. That’s exactly what Lincoln’s QLS 421 supplies. With a unique controller card that keeps track of the time a trailer is in use by monitoring its vibration, the QLS 421 delivers the precise lubrication an OTR trailer requires exactly when it’s needed by using the power of the trailer’s brake lights.

Because it doesn’t need power to monitor the time between lubrication events, the QLS 421 is ready when its controller card says “go”. And the QLS 421 keeps lubricating each time the trailer’s brakes are applied until its controller card adds up the “on times”and determines that the pre-set time for a complete lubrication cycle has been reached.

The QLS 421 features an enhanced stirring paddle to help prevent grease separation in applications with long refill intervals.

P653 Electric Centro-matic Pump

The Fully integrated P653 pump is an example of Lincoln’s commitment to providing innovative, cost effective solutions through industry-leading advances in technology. This next-generation, low-cost pump package can be fitted with one of four reservoir sizes and easily adapts to many applications.


  • Integrated pump supplies lubricant to a single line parallel lubrication system.
  • Pumps low and high viscosity greases including industry standard NLGI grade 2 grease.
  • Easily interfaces with telematics technology in today’s heavy equipment, which enables remote monitoring of the system, indicating low level and system faults.
  • Neutral switch allows mobile equipment to remain idling with pump power on but timer is deactivated – allowing manual lubrication capability at the push of a button.


  • Integration of major system components reduces labour and overall costs.
  • Simplifies lubrication system design.
  • Installation time is reduced due to the ‘plug and play’ pump design. Simply mount the pump, connect the power, install the supply line and injectors and the system is ready for operation.
  • Eliminates wasted grease by running only when the machine is operating.

Hydraulic Bulk Fill with High/Low Level Alarm

The 03-000555BU pump is a heavy duty, hydraulically driven bulk fill pump station with the capacity to monitor high and low grease levels within the reservoir. This pump station is designed for Centromatic lubrication systems. The pump reservoir has a useable grease capacity of 20kg and 40kg, and uses a JSG High Chief pump, Lincoln electric Vent Valve, Lincoln Sonic Level device and High Level Alarm Light for remote filling of the reservoir. Because it is used mainly in harsh environments a heavy duty plastic cover is fitted to the pump station.

Features & Benefits

  • BU pumps are fitted with Lincoln Sonic Sensor Level Alarms
  • BU pumps can be used in conjunction with the JSG Autofill System to ensure reservoirs are not overfilled
  • JSG Bulk Fill Pump Stations are NOT pressure vessels
  • Available with Air, Hydraulic or Electric Pumps
  • Standard grease reservoir capacity 40kg, 20kg & 15kg in the compact version

Underground Ned Kelly Pump

To meet the harsh environment of underground hard rock mining JSG developed the Ned Kelly Pump Model No. 03-002364. The design of this compact pump allows for easy installation on underground mining equipment. While the heavy duty design of the reservoir and cover aids in resisting any damage to the pump and pump components that can occur in this harsh environment.

The Model 03-002364 is an extra heavy-duty compact hydraulic pump station designed to operate a centralised lubrication system, which utilises single line parallel grease metering components. The pump is double acting, dispensing lubricant on both the Up and down strokes.

This unit is designed to be used with SL-1, SL-11, SL-32 and SL-33 series injectors or a combination of these.

The pump station incorporates all the hydraulic and electrical control components required to cycle a single line parallel grease metering system.